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Manuscripts submitted for publication in Psicoterapia Cognitiva e Comportamentale should be sent to Prof. Ezio Sanavio, Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale, UniversitÓ di Padova, Via Venezia 8, 35138 Padova, Italy.


All manuscripts will be assessed anomymously by two referees.

Manuscripts should be accompanied by a letter requesting publication in which the author(s) declare that the work in question has not been already published or contemporaneously submitted to other journals for publication. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to reproduce material which has appeared in other publications or which does not belong to them. Rejected manuscripts will not be returned to authors. Published manuscripts will become the literary property of the journal, and their even partial reproduction is forbidden unless their source is quoted.

Three copies of manuscripts, including all figures, are required. Manuscripts should be typed on A4 format on one side of the paper only, double spaced, if possible in type size 12, with a margin of at least 3 cm on all four sides. The first page should contain title, author(s) and address(es); the second page should contain an abstract in Italian and English; the text begins on the third page.

Anonymity: in order to maintain anomymity in reviewing articles, references to the authors and their affiliations should be restricted to the first page. References to the authors should also be limited to the minimum in the text and bibliography.

Clinical cases and short communications should not exceed 8 pages in total, research projects (protocols) 3 pages, reviews and theoretical contributions 20 pages. Research articles may, if strictly necessary, cover 25 pages.

Articles must be set out in the following order:

1. Title in Italian, author(s) and affiliation(s) (not more than 30 characters), and address for reprints.

2. Abstract in Italian, 150-200 words, with 3-5 key-words in Italian.

3. Title and abstract in English, 150-200 words, with 3-5 key-words in English. When choosing key-words, refer to the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms.

4. The text must follow the style of the specific sections of the journal. Only units of measurement should be abbreviated, and the use of initials and other forms of abbreviation (e.g., Rational Emotive therapy, not R.E.T.) should be avoided. References should be quoted according to the recommendations of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fourth Edition. Examples: Beck & Freeman (1990), or: Beck, Freeman & Wright (1990). In the case of six or more authors, the second and successive authors should be abbreviated to et al. If a work has already been quoted, it must be abbreviated from the second author onward to et al. (e.g., Beck et al., 1990).

5. References should be listed according to the recommendations of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fourth Edition, in alphabetical order. Some examples are given below.

Steketee, G.S. (1993). Treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder. New York: the Guilford Press.

Croyle, R.T. & Ditto, P.H. (1990). Illness cognition and behavior: an experimental approach. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 13, 31-52

Freeman, A. (1992). Developing treatment conceptualizations in cognitive therapy. In A. Freeman & F.M. Dattilio (eds), Comprehensive casebook of cognitive therapy (pp. 13-23) New York: Plenum.

Beck, A.T. & Freeman, A. (1990). Cognitive therapy of personality disorders. New York: The Guilford Press. (Trad. it. Terapia cognitiva dei disturbi di personalitÓ. Milano: Mediserve 1993).

Stangalino, C. (1992). Neuropsicologia della visual imagery. In S. Della Sala & M. Laiacona (a cura di), Laboratorio di neuropsicologia (pp.173-183). Veruno: Fondazione Clinica del Lavoro.

Scherwitz, L., Graham, L.E., Grandis, G. & Billings, J. (1990). Speech characteristics and coronary heart disease incidence in the multiple risk factor intervention trial. Journal of Behavioural Medicine, 13, 75-91.

6. Tables and figures, with their captions, should be as few as possible. They should be typed on separate pages, with short but complete titles, and numbered progressively in Arabic numerals (figures and tables separately). The point in the text where they are to be inserted should be indicated approximately.

Once articles have been accepted for publication, the text should be sent to the Editor on a 3.5-inch diskette containing the final original version. Diskette and printed copy should be identical. The type of software used, including its name (e.g., Microsoft Word 6.0) should be indicated, together with the type of computer used (IBM-compatible or Apple Macintosh). Tables and figures should be stored on the same diskette under another file name. Figures must be of good typographic quality and large enough to be clearly legible even after reduction in size for printing.

Printing is free of charge. Proofs will be sent to authors for correction and must be returned no later than 3 days after receipt, otherwise they will be considered as approved as they are. Only printing errors should be corrected. Reprints must be paid for by authors, who should request them when returning proofs.

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