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XXVII Congress of European Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies

Venice, September 24-27, 1997

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Ezio Sanavio, Editor

The Scientific Committee of Psicoterapia Cognitiva e Comportamentale has decided to accept the kind proposal of the President of the European Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) and of the Organizing Committee of the XXVII Congress, and to devote the whole of number 2-1997 of the journal to the abstracts of all communications accepted for that Congress.
Psicoterapia Cognitiva e Comportamentale aims at expressing aspects of Italian cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy in their various forms. This includes attempts to strengthen the links between the scientific and professional Italian community and the wider international community. It will be recalled that our journal occasionally publishes significant international contributions.
The occasion of the XXVII Congress was unanimously claimed to constitute a significant and important event for the journal, and we believed that its Abstract Book could give our readers an updated, representative panoramic view of the "state of the art" in cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy. A panoramic view of European dimensions, we thought in September 1996, when we took this decision. Perhaps now, in July 1997, when we are correcting the proofs of this number, it would be better to say a panoramic view of world dimensions, because, as well as the expected European papers, a high number - definitely more than symbolic - of works has been added, from Canada and the United States, Central and South America, Australia, Africa, the Far East and the Near East.
The 1997 Venetian congress is thus a scientific event of resonance and importance which are not solely European. Within the Italian sphere, there are only two events which may be compared with it:
- the XII Congress of the European Association for Behavioural Therapies (EABT), held in Rome in 1982;
- the International Congress, held at the Lido of Venice in 1978, one year after the founding of AIAMC.
This second Venetian congress - 300 communications presented during 56 symposia and over 200 free papers, lectures, panels, posters and workshops - clearly reveals the enormous progress made since that first meeting in Venice.
At this point, I would like to make some remarks on the Italian scientists participating in this congress. The recent use of English in international scientific communications has greatly affected our community, which has a centuries-old tradition of French and German as the language of culture and science. In spite ot this, in this volume there are about 160 contributions from Italian behavioural and cognitive therapists. As readers will be able to judge for themselves, the Italian scenario is now wide-ranging and differentiated, and these abstracts will certainly allow them to appreciate its wealth and complexity.

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